About us

Ecoagrícola is a group of professional coffee lovers dedicated to cultivate great quality beans to the specialty coffee market in a highly sustainable way.

Ecoagrícola is the combination of two words:

1- “Ecologia” which means “ecological” – that is the first part of our name because it is our motto to preserve the environment, and

2 – “Agrícola” which means “agriculture” – it is our activity, where we use our knowledge to better produce.

Our family started to make forestry projects in the 1970s, while preserving large portions of the lands at the Serra do Cabral. In the 2000s, while making plans for the next 30 years, we introduced the coffee culture, due to its great fit with the region. It´s altitude, climate, water and terroir are perfect for developing specialty coffees. Also, we are enthusiastic of producing quality driven and sustainable products, as the coffees we are carefully growing.

Our first nursery was planted in 2006 and the first crop harvested in 2009. Quality and productivity were tested and got high grades. Since then, we achieved great results and are constantly improving. Our coffees can be found with our partner´s roasteries and cafés in many countries, in five continents.

Our Latest Awards

2019 Cup of Excellence Winner

2017 Cup of Excellence Winner – Naturals

2017 Cup of Excellence Winner – Pulped Naturals

2017 Rainforest Alliance / Imaflora Award 1st place

2017 BSCA Aroma – Naturals 6th place

2017 Minas Gerais Quality Contest 1st place Naturals, for Chapadas de Minas

2017 Minas Gerais Quality Contest 1st place Pulped Naturals, for Chapadas de Minas

illycaffè’s Sustainable Supplier of the Year 2014/2015

2015-2017 Ernesto Illy Prize for Espresso finalist for three consecutive years

2017 Coffee of the Year finalist